by J-Rod

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released December 23, 2012



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J-Rod Shelbyville, Tennessee

J-Rod is just a kid trying to realize a dream.
He's a student at Middle Tennessee State University, in a rock band that plays every weekend, a radio host, and when he can, nerds out and reads comics, books, and all forms of written entertainment. ... more

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Track Name: All Will Be Well
In the midst of all my brothers and sisters, Saint Walker Stands.
No matter how bleak the circumstance, he's always got a plan.
He's got unwavering hope, rock-solid faith,
and a heart so big, it's equal to Warth's weight.
Thanks to Ganthet and Sayd, so many people were saved,
Harnessed the power of blue light that we all craved.
We made it to the Brightest Day,
With Brother Kyle we lit the way
When we get back to Odym, we're gonna let the anthem play.

Look to the stars, cause hope burns bright.
I will cleanse every wounded soul in my sight.
If you take a look around and think "Life is he;ll,"
Keep your eyes on the prize, I promise all will be well.

Whenever you're feeling down and out.
Whenever you wonder what life's about.
Whenever you hit your personal low.
Whenever you wanna scream and shout.
Whenever you're feeling the weight of the world wearing down on your faith.
And all the times you second guess yourself and think of past mistakes.
In fearful day, in raging night.
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.
When all seems lost and there's nothing right,
Just sing this chorus and embrace the light.
Track Name: Rise

I crawled right out my grave
Look at all the ones you tried to save
I tell em all "By my Black Hand"

Death no longer slows us down
Death is all around us now
I tell the dead "By my Black Hand"


Got my ring the way was paved
Mom and Dad are now my slaves
I told the fam "By my Black Hand"

Blackest Night was my playground
No one here can stop me now
I call your friends with my Black Hand


Nekron and Scar held the Book of the Black
Then, I came back, I was on the attack
I raised dead and hell in monstrous amounts
When Hal showed his face, on his neck I did pounce
But the bright light of white, it obscured my sight and then I went back to the ether
But reanimation led to devastation, I hoped I could reclaim "The Reaper"
Then, the Indigo Tribe refused to turn a blind eye
Force fed an indigo ring to stop my murderous crimes
Once Death helped me thrive, but then I was revived
Compassion kept me alive, until I took a swan dive
Then I got my prize, black Death heard my cries
Finally, I cut my ties to this world full of lies
So go round up allies to fight the ones you despise
Like myself and the Black, the Third Army will rise!


The Blackest Night falls from the skies
The darkness grows as all light dies
We crave your hearts and your demise
By my Black Hand, the dead shall Rise